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Help about installation DL380G5 E5335

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Help about installation DL380G5 E5335

Hi, This is my firt contact with this server... I am trying to install it... But when I turn on the server appear the next error message:

207 - Invalid Memory Configuration-Mismatched DIMMs within Bank A,B,C and D

System Halted¡

Could you tell me what´s the problem and what can I do to solve??

Thanks so much... I really appreciate your support...
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Re: Help about installation DL380G5 E5335


The above error is displayed if the memory is not configured correctly i.e memory not installed in the correct slots or if u have a failed dimm in one pair.

Please check the link below

Also check if the dimms have the same HP part number which are installed in the same slots i.e in DIMMs 1A and 2A must match. DIMMs 3B and 4B, DIMMs 5C and 6C, and DIMMs 7D and 8D and must match and must be installed as a pair.

Hope this resolves the issue if not please specify the dimm size and also try rebboting the server without any dimms if the server does not beep then its the dead system board


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Re: Help about installation DL380G5 E5335


The attached memory configuration guideline for the DL380 G5 should help.

You may simply have the dimms in the wrong bank and branch locations.
(Bank A is slots 1 and 3)- Branch 0
(Bank B is slots 5 and 7)- Branch 1
(Bank C is slots 2 and 4)- Branch 0
(Band D is slots 6 and 8)- Branch 1

I hope this helps. (See attached file)