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Help fixing Compaq ml350 g4p

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Help fixing Compaq ml350 g4p

I have a Compaq ml350 g4p which was water damaged by sprinklers in my house during a small fire. The computer does not turn on or even makes a sound when the power buttion is presed. It just sits there. It was ment to be thrown away but I cound not find it in me to throw away a $1000 computer. I suspect it is the power supply and hope it is not the main board. What kind of power supply does it have or what is the replacement? Are their any test that I could run on the parts?The computer was working when it got wet and was completely dry when it was tried again.

The computer is not covered by a Warranty.
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Re: Help fixing Compaq ml350 g4p

On the power supply is spare part number.

ML350 G4 power supply:
Hot-plug power supply, 725 watt, 12V

You can check prices here: