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Help linking a server to a carepack

Occasional Contributor

Help linking a server to a carepack

I have a small hp server for which I renewed the support contract (carepack) via provantage. I registered the carepack and have the certificate.

I want to download and apply the SPP that the server is missing. For the life of me I can't find a way to connect the carepack and the server. HPE has a page "Link HPE support agreements" which must be the entry point. It asks for this info:

Service Agreement ID (SAID)
Support Account Reference (SAR) or System Handle
Ownership type

None of that is spec'd in the invoice I have from provantage, and none of it is on the certificate. The certificate has

Product Number
Product Description
Fixed Support Servies Serial Number
Expiry Date

and none of those seem to work in the slots that HPE provides.

Can someone please help with this? I tried hpe support chat and they said they don't deal with that and gave me a link to a very generic and useless page.

Todd Bentley
Occasional Visitor

Re: Help linking a server to a carepack

Same problem here.  And no response.  Why is this so complicated?