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Help me!!

Yara Ortiz
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Help me!!


I have a this error message in a server:

The device, \Device\Scsi\cpqfcalm2, did not respond within the timeout period.

The users have many problems for connect to server.

I changed the fiber cable
I changed the fiber card

This occurs in a Storage (RA4000)

Any ideas?


Sunil Jerath
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Re: Help me!!

Hello Yara,

Since the component installer for CP000600 (Compaq StorageWorks Fibre Channel Host Adapter SCSI Miniport Driver) does not function properly, the driver must be manually installed assuming that we are dealing with a W2K server.

Perform the following steps to manually update the StorageWorks Fibre Channel Host Adapter SCSI Miniport Driver:

Start Windows Advanced Server Limited Edition and log on as an administrator.
Launch the Smart Component package (CP000600) for the StorageWorks Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapter driver.
Press the Extract button.
Select a directory or create a directory on the hard drive to store the extracted files.
Press the OK button to extract the files.
Press the Close button to close the component package.
From the Start menu, point to Programs and select "Administrative Tools."
Click "Computer Management."
Expand Systems Tools by clicking on the plus ( + )sign.
Click "Device Manager."
Expand SCSI and RAID Controllers by clicking on the plus ( + ) sign.
Double-click the Compaq Fibre Channel Host Controller entry.
Select the Driver tab.
Click "Update Driver" to invoke the Update Device Driver Wizard and click "Next" at the introduction screen.
Check "Search for a suitable driver for my device (Recommended)" and click Next.
Check the box next to "Specify a location."
Clear the box next to "Floppy disk drives and CD-ROM drives," then click "Next."
Click "Browse" and search for the location where the CPQFCALM folder was previously copied.
Double-click the CPQFCALM folder and select CPQFCALM.
Click "Open" and click "OK" to confirm the driver the Driver File Search screen displays.
If the path to the driver that you specified in step 19 is displayed, click "Next" and proceed to step 21. Otherwise, proceed to step 22.
Check the box labeled "Install one of the other drivers," then click "Next."
Choose the entry that specifies the location of the CPQFCALM.SYS driver, then click "Next."
Click "Yes" on the "Digital Signatures Not Found" screen, then click "Yes" on the "Confirm File Replace" screen.
Click "Finish" after the driver is copied to the hard drive.
Reboot the system.

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Re: Help me!!


Are you getting any "Srv" error or warning messages in system event log? I am assuming you are running Windows 2000.

Please also tell us the event ids of any unusal error messages that you see in the system event logs.

A guess would be you may have scsi errors on your SAN drives or the path to the drives is congested or under heavy load. Do you have many busy servers attached to the same controller?

Are the drivers and FW uptodate on your SCSI drives?

Hope, this gives us a starting point and dont forget to assign the points:)