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Help with HP ML110 raid

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Help with HP ML110 raid


i need advise with a HP ML110 server...not sure about the generation

I currently have 2 SCSI 32GB HD with raid 1 configured before i took over the server...The server is windows 2003 SBS as well as a dc status

Right now, i am planning to migrate all the data and settings over to 2 new 73GB HD...

How can i go about in the first place?

My plans goes like this:

Plug in 1 new 73GB HD
Install acronis software into the 32GB HD
Do a direct cloning to the new 73GB HD
Once cloning is done, shutdown the server and plug in the other 73GB HD
Configure raid 1...

The problem is is it able to do that and how to go about configuring raid 1 on ML 110 new HD?

any good suggestions?

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Re: Help with HP ML110 raid

additional to the above...

as the current configs already have raid 1 configured...i assume that i have the SCSI raid controller....

how can i check it up?

James ~ Happy Dude
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Re: Help with HP ML110 raid

Hey Curiousboy !!

Take out "ONE" old HDD; servers see as HDD failed; replace it NEW one; Wait until raid is re-built;
Once RAID rebuild is done; take out "the other" OLD hdd; server see as HDD failed; Replace it with 2nd NEW hdd; wait until RAID rebuilds;