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Help with setup - DL360E

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Help with setup - DL360E

Hi all,

I've recently purchased a DL360e second hand. and I'm having problems getting into ILO. At the moment I've tried a few different ways of re-installing and resetting but have had no luck. So far I have tried;

Upgrading ILO to v1.71

Upgrading ILO to v2.50

Upon attempting to boot from USB it scans the system and says 'Unable to flash NVRAM'.


From here, I've attempted to put the system maintenance switch 6 to on, booted and turned off, turned back to off and re-booted with no luck. Along with resetting to system default options to clear the NVRAM. When trying to run the USB again, I'm met with the same message.

I've got two drives in the machine at the moment, and was hoping to use ILO to install an OS, but haven't been able to get that far. Any other suggestions are welcome.

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Re: Help with setup - DL360E

Does the ILO Diagnostics page show any warnings/errors?

Hope this helps!

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Re: Help with setup - DL360E

Hey Torsten,

When booting, I get 'iLO 4 has detected a self-test error. For details, consult the iLO 4 Server and iLO Diagnostics page.' but I'm not able to view the diagnostics page itself.