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Help with setup of Smart Array RAID storage for Proliant DL385 G2

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Help with setup of Smart Array RAID storage for Proliant DL385 G2

First off, please pardon my ignorance...I'm a rookie when it comes to hardware RAID, and professional-grade servers in general.

I recently purchased a refurb Proliant DL385 G2 server for my employer, to use primarily as a file server, but also as a LAMP server for website testing. I'm using Ubuntu and have run problems setting up the RAID.

The server came with two 72 GB drives and two 146 GB drives (leaving 4 empty bays). I replaced the two 146 GB drives with a pair of 750 GB SATA drives, but the system only recognizes one of the 72 GB drives. (For now I'm assuming the other small drive is working as a mirror properly, but I don't know how to double check it to be certain.)

While researching the problem I found a document that details how to break & rebuild the RAID and discovered that I didn't do it correctly. I'm going to try doing it "by the book" when I get a chance--but I also found other info that makes me think it might be a pointless effort...

According to HP's specs ( it looks like the max size drive it can use is the 146 GB. Is that really correct? If so, I'm hoping that only applies to SAS drives and not SATA.  Or is it a restriction of the Smart Array Controller?  If that's the case, can I get around it by using software RAID?

And, can I even use 3rd party drives at all?  The posts I've read seem to imply that I have no choice but to buy hot plug drives from HP, but I haven't found it expicitly stated anywhere.  If I can use other drives, where can I find a part number for drive caddies (for future expansion).

Any info would be appreciated!