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High CPU usage from PSP pack

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High CPU usage from PSP pack

Good afternoon,


I'm having a problem with a Proliant DL360G4 server having high CPU consumption from WMI calls from the PSP packs that are monitoring the system. Has anyone else seen this?  I have enabled WMI logging and I can see all the requests.  Every 5-10 seconds the CPU spikes up to almost 100% of one core!  This server only has 2 cores and is constantly working at 100%.  We didn't have these issues with windows server 2003, or at least it wasn't as bad.


Server OS- Windows 2008 64bit R2 /w all updates


These applications seem to be responsible for most of the WMI calls.


1.  Integrated Management log viewer

2.  WBEM providers

3.  Insight Management Agents

4.  HP insight Diagnostics


I have installed PSP v 8.5 as the G4's seem to have problems with the newest support packs.  We are planning on retiring this server soon but we would like to get a little more life out of it ;)




Thanks for you time,



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Re: High CPU usage from PSP pack


have you noticed the issue happening with 8.30 PSP as well or only on 8.5 ? I ask this because this server doesnt support latest PSP's and can only have 8.30 PSP as far as I know
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Goutham Sabala
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Re: High CPU usage from PSP pack