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High Temps on Certain Sensors

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High Temps on Certain Sensors

New DL380p Gen 8 (multiple systems). All exhibiting issue with high temps on LOM and HD Controller zones during PXE loop (pre-OS boot/load). Fan speeds get reduced to 13-20% after 1 minute after final POST process with PXE looping. If these are new, and you don't think about it, this is what happens due to the low fan speed logic (all default F9 BIOS settings, no cooling/power control items changed)


We have 10Gb 554FLR LOMS in these as well, dual E5-2670's, 256GB memory via 16x16Gb DIMMS.


Now the below values (bottom of the post) are when I override the fan speed and change to increased cooling. Notice the 138F value. Before I changed the BIOS to "Increased Cooling", and left the out-of-box default to "Optimal Cooling", this value after a few minutes after POST jumped to 181F!!! Yet, according to the Caution values, 212F is the high watermark. I find that hard to believe, especially when the Emulex website and quickspecs of the 554FLR LOM state max operating temp is 131F.


Is anyone else experiencing these temps on their 554FLR and HD Controller zone?


HP - if you are reading this...why does the FlexLOM iLO value state 212F is OK when the quickspecs state the max is 131F? Why is the operating temperature running above the stated maximum even when I change to "Increased Cooling"? I have a enterprise datacenter/colo - with PLENTY of CFM and 71 degree issues with that. And if I change to "Maximum Cooling" - I get down to 115F - but why should I have to run the fans at max cooling just to get the card to run within quickspec parameters? There is a discrepency here between quickspec max values and iLO - is that margin built in on the quickspecs to address user issues and is the true max temp the iLO value? Or is there a bug? If there is a bug, is there permnent damage that occured to the system as a result of the BIOS bug where fan speeds drop to 13-20% during PXE looping after 1 minute?


25-HD Controller  System   OK  115F  Caution: 212F; Critical: N/A  26-iLO Zone  System   OK  79F  Caution: 194F; Critical: 203F  27-LOM Card  I/O Board   OK  138F  Caution: 212F; Critical: N/A 






Re: High Temps on Certain Sensors

I think this might actually be a difference between published operating "ambient" temps vs. die temps. Anyone agree/disagree? I pulled an article down from Emulex showing the BE3 running at 171F.