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High end graphics and DL380 G5

Marcus Hilmersson
Occasional Visitor

High end graphics and DL380 G5

Hi there!
Does anyone here know of any more high end graphics boards that are definately compatible with the DL380 G5? I've tried with an Nvidia Quadro fx 1700, which is an x16 card inserted in an x8 slot so that could obviously be one of the reasons I can't get it to work. Basically what happens is as soon as i install the card in the riser cage and boot it up, I don't get a signal to the monitor from either card at all. If I take it out, all's back to normal. I really need it for a project that requires the stability of a proper server and the power of a good graphics board for 3D-rendering. I've looked at BIOS settings and can't really find anything there and it seems to have a fresh bios version anyway (2008). Has anyone else here messed around with this and managed to get it to work?

Thanks in advance.
Honored Contributor

Re: High end graphics and DL380 G5

Hi Marcus,

unfortunately there is no officialy supported VGA for all ProLiants(beside DL140 G3, DL145 G3 and DL785). "Can work" can be the case, but that it worked in some case , doesn't mean it will function in your server

T. Scott White
Occasional Visitor

Re: High end graphics and DL380 G5

We recently had a project looking at high end graphics on HP hardware. Ended up going the blade route with XW460c workstation blades running the Quadro FX 560M on XP Pro X64.

We also implemented HP's Remote Graphics Software (allowing good quality 3D remote access) to the blades in our data center.

Good luck,