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Home server died, ideal replacement with SFF+LFF support?

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Home server died, ideal replacement with SFF+LFF support?

Is there a model of ProLiant server along the Gen 7 or Gen 8 line that will support 8 SFF -and- 3 or 4 LFF drives?

My home lab server (an ML350 G6) died after an extended power outage and the following surge when power was restored (even with a racked surge protector and battery backup... bad luck!). I'm looking for a replacement server and have my eyes on something like a DL380 G7, but I'm having a hard time finding one that will fit my needs! I need it to support 8x SFF drives and several standard SATA / LFF drives, as my old ML350 G6 had a few 3TB SATA drives installed for bulk storage on my WS2012 storage pool.

I've read that if I install all of the 146G SFF drives into a same or newer HP server, that the controller should (after a few reboots) be able to boot back up and I won't lose the data stored on that (I had a Raid-5 with 2 spares), I'm hoping that's true. Thanks for reading!

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Re: Home server died, ideal replacement with SFF+LFF support?

Yes you can move the drives from one server to the other, which is called drive roaming.

Drive roaming is an offline feature. There is no method for removing an array while the server is online and then moving it to a new physical location.

As you have plans to go for DL380 G7 ( which actually supports the array controller similar to ML350 G6 ) please verify the same before proceeding.

- Make sure the Source and the Destination server has the Same Array Controller configuration and the drive bays to be same.

- No. of SFF/LFF drives it can hold in the destination server ( depends on the no. of drive u have in ML350 G6)

- Mark the bay number for the respective drives and those have to be replaced on the same bay in the destination server.

- Most important thing - please backup your data as a precaution before performing any such activity.

Refer the below links for additional details..