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Home server died, ideal replacement with SFF+LFF support?

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Home server died, ideal replacement with SFF+LFF support?

Is there a model of ProLiant server along the Gen 7 or Gen 8 line that will support 8 SFF -and- 3 or 4 LFF drives?

My home lab server (an ML350 G6) died after an extended power outage and the following surge when power was restored (even with a racked surge protector and battery backup... bad luck!). I'm looking for a replacement server and have my eyes on something like a DL380 G7, but I'm having a hard time finding one that will fit my needs! I need it to support 8x SFF drives and several standard SATA / LFF drives, as my old ML350 G6 had a few 3TB SATA drives installed for bulk storage on my WS2012 storage pool.

I've read that if I install all of the 146G SFF drives into a same or newer HP server, that the controller should (after a few reboots) be able to boot back up and I won't lose the data stored on that (I had a Raid-5 with 2 spares), I'm hoping that's true. Thanks for reading!