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'Host' for MSA 70

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'Host' for MSA 70


Looking to get an MSA 70, but struggling to find an adequate host for it.

As this will be storing so much data for a number of servers, I want to increase LAN throughput by as much as possible.

So, if I add 2x 4-port server adapters, that's 2 PCI slots used, but i'm not sure if they're full or half height cards.

I'd also need an SA P800 controller for all the disks, which occupies a 3rd PCI slot. The image for the P800 looks like it's full height.

So what is the best ProLiant server to use to connect the MSA 70 to?

James Joost

Re: 'Host' for MSA 70

The only servers that will not have enough slots would be the 1U servers. Typically they only have 1 full and 1 half slot.

Most of the 2u servers have at least three slots, and some like the DL380G5 have as many as five slots
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Re: 'Host' for MSA 70

If you don't know where to start, try + go + product family, e.g.

you have a selector tool there. The number of slots is not the most important feature for this tool, but you can see the specs for all current servers.

Hope this helps!

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