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Hot Spare Disk Replacement

Occasional Contributor

Hot Spare Disk Replacement

I am having the following issue. I hope someone shed light on how to resolve this.


We got a DL385 G7 box used as VMware ESX host and that was installed in the local LUN was configured with 5xdisk  RAID 5 plus one standby spare disk.


A while back, in vCenter, the hardware status on the above host shows a warning on the spare disk with "Patoh Unknown". We immediately orderred a replacement disk and swap it. but however the warning message was persistent. Then, we decided to reboot the host to see if that would clear the fault. After the host restart the message in vcenter change from warning to error and recongrized as "disk error".


We thought the replacement disk might be faulty, so we had to order another disk and just inserted it today. However, the disk still shows "disk error". but on the host, there is no status light on the physical disk (replacement disk"


Anyone know how to resolve this?


Thanks in advance.