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Hot Spare Failed.

Dan DeVEcka
Occasional Contributor

Hot Spare Failed.

Can anybody give me the steps involed in removing a hot spare that failed?

I noticed the failure on a re-boot.

Thanks, Dan
Mark Medici

Re: Hot Spare Failed.

Pull the bad drive, install the new drive, use the RAID utility to make the new, unallocated drive a hot spare.
Jeff Allen_5
Valued Contributor

Re: Hot Spare Failed.

The Array Controller will automatically see that the failed drive was a spare and put it backin as a spare. Spare drives do not actively take part in a normally operating server, so you should be able to pull it and replace it with no service interuption.
Peter Frazer
Frequent Advisor

Re: Hot Spare Failed.

Be sure that you are thinking of a hot-pluggable spare. Some server drive cage backplanes do not play well when you remove a device. Be sure your server, hard drive and RAID card support hot-plugging before attempting to remove.

If it is not, I would wait for your next scheduled downtime to power down the server and replace the drive.

A hot spare can still be any drive that is plugged in to the SCSI chain, powered on, but not actively taking part in a RAID Array, but configured as a spare using the RAID utilities.
John Marinov
Frequent Advisor

Re: Hot Spare Failed.

A bit more information please.

1) What type of controller?
2) Are the drives hot-plug?
3) What is the host? Proliant model what?

If you have hot plug drives and a smart-array controller (*only* if), the procedure is simple. Pull the drive (while the system is running), and replace it with a new drive.

Be sure that the drive light starts blinking indicating a rebuild is in progress.

The traps with this method are all with the bios revisions of the drive and the array controller.

Were there any events in the eventlog from Insight Storage Agent about predictive failure of the drive?