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Hot Swapping Hard Drives in ProLiant Servers

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Hot Swapping Hard Drives in ProLiant Servers

I actually was just wondering, when you are hot swapping a hard drive in a G7/G8 ProLiant server, does the replacement hard drive have to be one with a matching spare part number? Or can you use one that is the same disc size but different spare part number?

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Re: Hot Swapping Hard Drives in ProLiant Servers

There's no - Yes or No answer to your question.


The drives must be compatible.!


You can not mix Carriers.

         A new drive carrier was developed with Gen 8.

You can not mix drive types in an Array.

          SATA and SAS, can sit in the same box, but must be in different Arrays, Also SSD must be in another Array.

          (Array is in Smart Array terms).


You can mix size, but new drives must be the same size or lager.

You can mix speed.

You can mix nubmer of ports.




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Re: Hot Swapping Hard Drives in ProLiant Servers

You can use a similar drive... as the other reply mentioned, of course the replacement has to match the original like SAS or SATA.  The drive must be at least as big as the one it's replacing, and it can be bigger, that's not a problem.


For the best performance, obviously you wouldn't want to replace a 15K drive with a 10K drive, for example.


HP will often send suitable replacement drives if you exchange one under warranty.  It might not have the same spart part # but it will be gauranteed to work.  That's because HP will sotp manufacturing some older models.  For example, I've sent in some 15K 146GB drives for warranty replacement.  They were single-port drives, and the new ones I got were dual port since I guess that's all they had in stock.