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Hot plug backplane + Smartarrays on DL160 G5's


Hot plug backplane + Smartarrays on DL160 G5's

Hey guys, need a few more questions answered :)

MY DL160 G5s came with only 2 hotplug backplanes in each one.. so I have 4 bays, but only 2 are hot plug.. which makes very little sense.

Where can I get 2 additional backplanes for each? I can't even find the part# on HP.

Also, what about the smart arrays? Do the 128's significantly outperform the E200/64's on raid10?

If not, where can I get a bunch of E200/128's with BBU (obviously)?

Thank you very very much in advance :)
Prabhu Raj
Frequent Advisor

Re: Hot plug backplane + Smartarrays on DL160 G5's

By default DL160 G5 is a non hotplug model. Since you purchased 2 hot plug back planes it is more than sufficient to accommodate 4 hot plug HDDs. please fix the back plane in the appropriate place. When you purchase the hot plug HDD's it will come with HDD bays.

NOTE: Installation of the Hot Plug Backplane 1U 2S Kit (445985-B21) is required if ordering third or fourth Hard Drives for Hot Plug models only

Hope this helps clear your first question.

Surely an additional controller like E200 surely outperforms the embeded controllers.

To obtain the controller with BBWC, kindly contact the nearest HP sales partner.

Hope this answers your 2nd question.

Re: Hot plug backplane + Smartarrays on DL160 G5's

Hi Prabhu,

Thank you for the answer. Maybe I wasn't clear..

By 2 hot plug backplanes, I meant there are only 2 slots that are hot-plug.. and the other 2 aren't. I have no extra pieces to install, which is why I need to order additonal backplanes (or else 2 bays are non-hotplug and thus useless to me).

Just to make sure, the E200/128 controller supports only hot-plug, correct?