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Hot plug

Occasional Contributor

Hot plug

We have nw 5.1 on a proliant with a raid 5 array over 4 18gb scsi disks. One has failed, my question is is it a matter of plugging in a replacement??

Which utility (if any)do i run to rebuild the array??

I added a 4th disk many moons ago and i know i downed the server and added disk with a smartstart boot cd, but that was adding a new disk and NOT replacing one??

Any help appreciated.

Sunil Jerath
Honored Contributor

Re: Hot plug

Hello Zak,
In a RAID 5 environment when one HDD fails the rest of the array is smart enough to pick up the installed replacement and start the rebuild process automatically. If you have any problems in doing this please let us know and we shall be able to help you out. In other words you don't need to run any utility.

Olivier Drouin
Trusted Contributor

Re: Hot plug

yeah..same thing if you use RAID(mirroring).
Just put in a new disk and the middle led should blink for 30-60 minutes ( rebuild process).

When it stops to blink everything is good.
Occasional Contributor

Re: Hot plug


You boys are right, i just inserted the disk in and it only took 3 hours to rebuild the array on the fly with no down time on the netware box.

The cpqonlin utility is the one to use when ADDING a new disk to an array if i'm correct.