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Hotplug memory on DL385G2

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Hotplug memory on DL385G2

Is the memory hot plugable on a DL385 G2?
One of the memory modules is defective, and I would like to know if I can swap it, while the server is running.
Ulrik Andreassen
Honored Contributor

Re: Hotplug memory on DL385G2

You must power down this server to replace the memory. Page 58

Usually the memory must be configured in a memory protection mode, such as mirroring or online sparing in order for it to be hot pluggable. This server does not have these features.

How did the error get reported? Didn't the OS crash? Or are they single bit errors?

Re: Hotplug memory on DL385G2

Thanks for replying.
The OS is VMware vSphere ESXi 4.1. The OS seems to run OK incl. VMs.

The error is reported in iLO and by the LED on the front of the server.

I don't know if it is single bit errors.
Honored Contributor

Re: Hotplug memory on DL385G2

You will also see an entry in the IML, telling you wich module is failed.

Remember to mar the entry repaired in the IML, after you have replaced the module.

Since you are running VMware.
Boot the server on a smart Start CD.
select maintenance.
Run the Insight Diagnostics utility.
Select Logs
Select IML.
Mark entries as repaird.
I alway recommend not to clear the log.

You can also add a maintenance note, that you have replaced dimm xx.
I always do so.