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How can I resolve this?


How can I resolve this?

We have an old HP ProLiant DL350 G5 server. We bought it brand new in 2009 or so.

We've always renewed the maintenance support agreement because we've have had problems with it since day 1.

The system board was replaced at least 2 times and the power supply and backplane have been replaced probably around 5 times at this point.  The issue still hasn't been resolved.  I've reached out to everyone at HP and no one has an actual solution.

There suggestion is to buy a new server.  I found an HP Hardware Support Onsite Service PDF online and found the following information:


I've been trying to get HP to acknowledge that this server is faulty and for them to offer us a comparable server in exchange for this one.  HP doesn't want to budge.  

The server reboots at random since we've had it.  It's not a software issue or a power issue.  I'm not sure what the issue is to be honest.  But the fact that we've been paying ~$500 every year to renew the support agreement on this server to protect ourselves, I feel we were sold a lemon of sorts.

I'm just so fed up and don't know who to turn to.  Obviously we can go out and replace the server but it's the principal of the matter.  HPE as a company should stand behind their product and do the right thing.  We've only bought HPE products and have been a loyal customer for many years.  Something like this clearly turns me off from HP as a whole and I'm reaching out one last time in hopes of the right person seeing this and offering a solution.

I don't want to name drop but the list of HPE employees I've been in contact with is vast and no one has helped.  It seems they simply do not care about our situation.