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How can i recover the configuration for a logical drive?

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How can i recover the configuration for a logical drive?


first of all - sorry for my english ;-)...

I have a DL380 G2 (1x1,13GHz Tualatin),Compaq Smart Array 5i with the following configuration:

1 18GB Bootdrive in Slot 0
1 18GB Drive Webserver Slot 1
4 73GB Drives (Images/Recordings/UserFiles/Backups) in the oter 4 Slots

I thougt its easy to test Linux - i replaced the bootdrive with an other drive an rejected all other drives!

After testing i inserted the old BootDrive - Operating System not found! OK, no problem - i installed SBS2k3 again...

After installation i inserted the other drives bot none of them will be recognized as logic Drive! The Controller finds all the Drives correctly but has no information that every drive is a Raid0 Device with one Driveletter.

My Problem is, that ALL of my pictures, UserDatas and Backups are stored on these 4 Drives. External Backup Disk is not working anymore!

Can someone help me please?
kris rombauts
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Re: How can i recover the configuration for a logical drive?

Hi Korn,

you didn't specified the type of raid level and logical drives inside the array that were in use before you removed the drive.

As a quick test i'd insert the disks back in the system only when it is powered off, then power it on and the raid/logical drive information should be read by the SmartArray controller from the disks and you should be ok, but again this scenario works fine unless you have changed the raid config while testing with the bootdrive.

In order to provide you the best answer we need to know the raid/logical disk layout from the original configuration and what does it report now when you boot (i.e. 2 logical drives found).
If you haven't initialized/formatted something and the 4 disks with your data were not in a raid0 stripe set together with the boot and webserver disk then the data should still be their.

On top of that, was their any logical drive configuration at the Windows level (stripe set ?) build ?