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How do I disable the BIOS Admin password on a Gen10 DL360?

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How do I disable the BIOS Admin password on a Gen10 DL360?

Server: DL360 Gen10
System ROM: U32 v2.62

I recently ran into an issue performing firmware updates and one of the things I tried to change to address that issue was changing the BIOS Admin password since the SUM process was complaining that the server was set up in a high security mode.  It turned out that this Admin password was not set in System Utilities (System Utilities --> System Configuration --> BIOS Platform Configuration (RBSU) --> Server Security --> Set Admin Password), but the SUM system used to perform the firmware updates was having trouble with the iLO Administrator account password that was set... it was NOT an issue with the BIOS Admin account/password. 

I had set a password in the BIOS System Utilities settings and now I have to enter the password each time to get to the Boot Menu and BIOS System Utilities, but only on this server and we want consistency.  So, I want to disable or remove the BIOS Admin password for this server, but there does not appear to be an option to disable that.  How to I disable the Admin password?


Re: How do I disable the BIOS Admin password on a Gen10 DL360?

I figured it out.  I read instructions at the link below but it's a bit more than that and that page seems a bit outdated:

1. When you get into the System Utilities menu (Boot --> F9 --> System Utilities --> System Configuration --> BIOS Platform Configuration (RBSU) --> Server Security), you have to click in the Set Admin Password box and press enter to input a password (or to enable it and create a new one, or change an existing one).
2. Once the prompt comes up, you enter the existing password.  Then it will prompt you for a new password, where you would enter a different password (or even the same password) but adding a forward slash "/" at the end of it.
2. Enter it again when prompted, including the forward slash, then click Ok.
3. Save your changes at the bottom right of the System Utilities window and exit (it will tell you that no changes were made, however, before exiting and continuing to boot to the OS.  Just click Ok to exit.
4. The next time you reboot the server, press F9 to enter the server System Utilities.  You will be prompted to enter the BIOS Admin password.  Enter the password you configured in System Utitlies including the forward slash "/" at the end.  If you entered the password (with the slash) correctly, you will get a message that says, "Password Deleted" and will continue on to enter the System Utilities.  The Admin password is no longer enabled.  To enable it again, just add a password in the Server Security section of the System Utilities.

This is for an older version:


Re: How do I disable the BIOS Admin password on a Gen10 DL360?

Hello @ay_jay,

Perfect! Glad to know you were able to resolve the concern. 

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