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How do I enter BIOS on an ML370 G1? (2)

Art Nouveau
Occasional Contributor

How do I enter BIOS on an ML370 G1? (2)

I have the same problem described in the old thread of Feb 13, 2007 18:31:22 GMT:
"How do I enter BIOS on an ML370 G1?", however the two links provided by the only answer are not active any more. Any help?

Just in case is not clear: to enter the bios in a ML370 G1 is not like in any other bios-based machine (i.e just pressing some Fx key while booting), it seems to be necessary some boot disk. I have a "System Configuration Disk", but when I boot from it the only option I see is to update the bios, no way to just change parameters.
Honored Contributor

Re: How do I enter BIOS on an ML370 G1? (2)

Hi Art,

Check the service guide here for that model:

It details how to configure System Configuration Settings by booting from a SmartStart CD.

The newest SmartStart CD available that works with that model I believe is here:

good luck, if you appreciate the answers, we appreciate the points!