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How do I enter BIOS on an ML370 G1?

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How do I enter BIOS on an ML370 G1?

I've tried almost every key and combo I could think of, but nothing will get me into the BIOS. I don't even see a screen that will prompt me to change boot order or anything. The closest I've come is a screen that allows me to choose what OS configuration to use, something like "windows" "unix" etc. and after I select windows I can choose between nt and 2000. Any ideas?

Igor Karasik
Honored Contributor

Re: How do I enter BIOS on an ML370 G1?

G1 servers uses the SCU (System Configuration Utility) software to access the BIOS. SCU present on system partition only if you installed your Proliant with SmartStart CD.
Your options:
1) You can create the SCU diskettes and boot from disk #1 to access the BIOS setup.
2) You can boot from SmartStart 5.50 CD