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How do I update BMC firmware to v3.11?

Kevin Heatwole
Occasional Advisor

How do I update BMC firmware to v3.11?

I have a D2D2503i/EH945A server that I'm trying to upgrade to the latest firmware versions.


The firmware update for the BIOS states as a prerequisite:


BMC v3.11 must be installed on the D2D G1 system before upgrading to this 2009/11/03 BIOS.


My BMC seems to be running v3.01 (as listed in the IPMI configuration section accessed by F10 during boot).


I cannot find any upgrade for this BMC.  Anyone know where the proper update is?


Last year, I had another one of these servers and in upgrading the BIOS, the update failed and the motherboard became useless.  This time, I hope not to repeat the past and I am reading everything I can before applying an update.


So, anyone know anything about BMC firmware updates for this model server (basically a slightly altered DL165 G5).   I think I got in trouble last year because I downloaded and installed a DL165 G5 upgrade and I guess these StorageWorks servers aren't quite compatible with generic DL165 servers.


BTW, I have upgraded to BIOS 2009.04.03 and ran the D2D G1 Firmware Maintenance CD w/ the added D2D G1 Component Firmware and these upgrades seem to go okay, but the BMC is not up to v3.11 so I'm not willing to just install the 2009.11.03 BIOS update until I find the newer version of BMC firmware.