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How do erase Shared Storage contents

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

How do erase Shared Storage contents


I have CL380 with CR3500 as SCSI shared storage. I have 6 SCSI hard disk each of 18.2 GB. it means I should have 6*18.2 which is 108 GB. But I see only 104 GB. is that anything wrong.

how will I erase shared disk contents totally ans start fresh RAID configuration

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Re: How do erase Shared Storage contents

You may see less available space than advertised since some disk space is used for various things such as disk signatures, format overhead, parity information, ect...

To erase the RAID configuration information please use CRERASE.EXE. Here are the steps on how to create and use CRERASE:

1. Insert the Compaq SmartStart and Support Software CD 4.90 or higher.
2. From the autoload screen, select Create Support Software.
3. From the Diskette Builder screen, choose to make the Compaq System Erase utility.
4. Copy the file, CRERASE.EXE on the Compaq System Erase utility diskette to a different bootable diskette. The new bootable diskette is the CRERASE diskette.
5. Insert the the CRERASE diskette into node 1 and boot the floppy.
6. At the a:\ prompt, type CRERASE to execute.