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Re: How do you upate firmware on a DL380 G7?

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How do you upate firmware on a DL380 G7?


I got a GL380 G7 that was taken offline by a customer. I work mainly with networks and are not very familiar with server stuff, so I got into a bit of trouble when I tried to reinstall the server.

Booting the server, the ILO and so on all works fine. The server has a ILO advanced license and I can install stuff remotely. I first installed ESXi 6.0 using the HP Custom ISO, and it worked perfectly. I then tried installing Ubuntu Server 16.04 (instead of ESXi) and got stuck on the network interfaces. The Linux installation finds them, but cannot use them, DHCP fails, I cannot see any MAC address on the switch port it's connected to, but the interface is up. And it worked with ESXi. I tried Debian 8 and Ubuntu Server 12, same error (Debian says it need firmware for the Broadcom NICs though).

Looking around the web I saw a few recommendations on firmware update. I've been fiddeling around a while with that, I need someone to clarify how firmware updates work.

1. Is HP SUM something ment for large installations? AS I understand it the SUM ISO is just a tool and does not contain any firmware by itself? I tried to boot the ISO, but got the error message "No baseline found". Didn't investigate further.

2. Does firmware updates require an existing windows installation? When I look at what's available to download, pretty much everything is under the Windows section, and nothing under Linux or "OS independent".

3. Are the firmware OS independent? Or do you flash e.g. NIC firmware for ESXi or Windows Server respectivly?

4. If I want a pure Ubuntu Server och Debian installation, must I first install Windows Server, then apply a support pack?

Thanks in advance!


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Re: How do you upate firmware on a DL380 G7?


Smart Update Firmware DVD

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Re: How do you upate firmware on a DL380 G7?

Thanks, it worked to boot from the Firmware image and do an auto update.

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Re: How do you upate firmware on a DL380 G7?

Smart Update Firmware DVD is from 2012!


you need SPP:

Hope this helps!

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