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How much RAM on ML110 G6?


How much RAM on ML110 G6?

Hello list.


18 months ago I bought an ML110 G6, shipping with default 1 x 1G RAM and 1 x 250G HD.

The paperwork enclosed with the server says it supports a maximum of 8G RAM (4 x 2G).

On the other hand, on HP site I read that ML110 G6 supports up to 16G RAM.


Recently I had the possibility to try 4 x 4G 1333MHz RAM sticks, but, alas, the system doesn't even finish POST: it turns on and issues the same BEEPs it produces when no RAM is plugged in.


So the question is: how much RAM does my box support?

Is there any firmware version / license / anything I am supposed to do to have the box support the 4G sticks?


Thank you all for any answer / pointer!






Re: How much RAM on ML110 G6?



According to the documentation this server supports upto 16GB of RAM (4GBx4).

Use only HP supported PC3-10600E UDIMM in 1, 2, or 4GB capacities.


Configuring Memory on HP ProLiant ML110 G6 Server:


HP Qualified Server Memory


You should see the DDR3 Memory Configuration Tool for more configuration options.


Thank You!
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Re: How much RAM on ML110 G6?

Hello Suman_AN

and thank you for your prompt support.


This is the memory I tested on my system:


4 x 4GB sticks.

I believe it should match the memory described in the page you linked, but I'm obviously wrong.


I also tried this one:


4 x 4GB sticks.

Neither this one worked and produced the same "BEEPs" scheme produced by empty RAM slots.


I'm sure all the RAM sticks are running: I tried them in another PC and they work correctly.


Is ECC memory required?


Thank you,




Honored Contributor

Re: How much RAM on ML110 G6?

Yes, ECC is required.


From the memory configuration document linked by Suman_AN (emphasis mine):

"The system has four DIMM slots that support PC3-10600E unbuffered DIMM (UDIMM) with ECC support."


It does not say "ECC or non-ECC" nor "with optional ECC support". Therefore, ECC support is required.


It is my experience that most server-grade systems require memory with ECC (error correction) capability, in order to maximize reliability in long-term 24/7 use. If the ECC is optional, the server documentation should say so.


The Corsair memory modules you listed do not have ECC.


Re: How much RAM on ML110 G6?

Thank you.


Still, I have a doubt: the server is now running on 5G RAM: 1 x 1G ECC original stick + 2 x 2G non-ECC 1333MHz sticks. And yes, it also runs perfectly on the non-ECC 4G only.


So, how comes it's running on non-ECC RAM sticks?

Moreover, how comes it's runinng on the most untidy configuration I can imagine?

Is there some inherent limit on non-ECC RAM that draws a line at, who knows?, 8G and you need ECC RAM in order to cross it?





Re: How much RAM on ML110 G6?


This link ,

non official as it can be, states: "This Machine can take ECC or non-ECC memory. When you mix ECC with non-ECC, the ECC function will be disabled."


I understand there's some confusion on the subject. At least, I am confused.

I could just give up and follow the easy way buying some ECC memory; it's more expensive, but officially supported. On the other hand, the little hacker in me refuses to just give up and follow the manual, since non-ECC memory is obviously tolerated, and I'm not the only one to see it.


According to one of my favourite movie quotes, " I don't care about what anything was DESIGNED to do, I care about what it CAN do".


Any pointers / suggestions / etc greatly appreciated.


Thank you all again,