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How replace/add hard drive to ML310 server and clone disk??

Peter Cumming
Occasional Contributor

How replace/add hard drive to ML310 server and clone disk??

I have used Acronis True Image (Home version) for a good number of years. Great product for home use. I know nothing about servers.

I recently was asked to help a friend out who has a server
HP Proliant ML310. A few years old. No documentation or Invoice listing what is in it. Not sure if it is basic model or G2,3,4,5. Have service tag# but do not think HP has service tag lookup like Dell does.

Running Windows Sever 2003. It has 2 drives in it. First is an 80gb drive with 2 partitions. Second drive is a 1tb drive that is connected to an external Raid device via SATA cables.

We Want to replace primary drive with a larger drive due to their running out of space on the stock 80gb drive.

I doubt it is a hot swappable drive-we have to take a look) therefore perhaps we can replace with an off the shelf (Newegg, BestBuy, etc..) SATA 250gb drive,
****Can we do this if it is not hot swappable drive??.

****I may have to hire someone, but in general what is the best way to backup the 80gb drive (with 2 partitions) and restore them to a 250gb drive so that I can replace the current drive and boot from the new one and have the server come up okay??

I assume I need Acronis True Image Echo for Windows Server ($699. I also assume I cannot take out and clone the disk via USB in a Windows XP machine using True Image home).
2***Can I connect a 250gb off the shelf SATA drive that I put in an external USB case to the server and back up the 2 partitions on the first internal drive to the new drive (connected via USB just for cloning) to perhaps a 3rd partition I create
Then I would restore from the 3rd partition to 2 partitions (2 restores)

Am trying to pick the easiest way to backup and restore to a different drive without adding another drive internally to the system.

I know nothing about server partitions and if they are EISA are just NTFS, etc... Not sure about servers. My friend knows about managing servers but not the hardware part.

John A. Myrna
Trusted Contributor

Re: How replace/add hard drive to ML310 server and clone disk??

You are on the right track for an easy migration. Since the 80GB drive is a standalone drive (no raid) it will be easy for you to pick up a drive a best buy or where ever and use any disk imaging software to close the drive to the new one. Your Acronis may work, I have not used it before. I have used Clonezilla (freeware) and Norton Ghost successfully in the past to do this. Even though it is called a server it still operated and behaves like a standard PC so techniques you have used previously should work fine. The only choice you will need to make it how much more space to give to each partition.