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How to Replace a mirror hdd in my server

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How to Replace a mirror hdd in my server

I have a proliant ml350 g5 server with windows 2003 server standard r2 SO. It has 2 300 gb scsi Hdd in a raid 0+1. The mirror hdd has a blinking amber led, I need remplace it but my new HDD isn't a scsi, its a sata disk, Can I remplace it only changing one HDD for the other? Can i have problems with the raid if I do that?


Thanks for your help.



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Re: How to Replace a mirror hdd in my server



You have SAS drive a not SCSI (ML350 G5 do not support internal scsi drives) and You can not rebuild a SAS drive with a SATA one.






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Re: How to Replace a mirror hdd in my server

The controller may support SATA and SCSI hard drives, BUT, this alone does not enable it swap the hard drives in a single array. In your case, the RAID will not rebuild if a SATA hard drive is installed in an array of SCSI.


But if the controller can support SCSI, SATA and SAS, then different type hard drives can installed and pooled to different array, but within a single array, hard drive types cannot be mixed. Meaning to say, a set of SCSI disk may be grouped into a single RAID array and SATA drives can be installed and be made a separate array, thus two logical drives, but within each array drive type mixing is not possible.






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