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How to Troubleshoot FBWC for P411

Occasional Contributor

How to Troubleshoot FBWC for P411

I have a P411 Smart Array with a 1GB FBWC module which is giving me a 1783 Error in the BIOS on Boot.  I removed the FBWC and the error went away but of course the P411 isn't much good without it.  My question is, how do I tell whether the problem is with the Memory Module or the super capacitor module assembly.  If it's just the capacitor, then would I be able to replace it with part number 587324-001 ?

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Re: How to Troubleshoot FBWC for P411

Boot up the ORCA and check for the error!


But yeah, that part will replace the supercap if that is the malfunctioning part, you can unplug it and see if the same error exists!