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How to add HDD to ML350 using raid 1?

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How to add HDD to ML350 using raid 1?

We currently have a server that is on Raid 1 with 2x72gb HDDs. The space is in 2 partitions, which is where the problems is. C: is running very low on space. is it possible to add 2x18gb HDDS and increase the size of C:? If, so do we just plug the HDDs in? If not, I'd really appreciate more info!
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Re: How to add HDD to ML350 using raid 1?

Raid 1 is used for 1:1 mirroring so I don't quite understand the question. Maybe you need to redesign your RAID configuration to meet future expansion needs.

IMHO a cleaner recovery solution would be to replace the mirror set with 146GB disks.

Back eveything up, make sure your controller, drive firmware, drivers and ADU/ACU are at the latest revisions, replace one drive, let it rebuild, then replace the remaining disk, let it rebuild and you should be all set.

You didn't indicate which model of ML350 you have, controller or o/s version so you'll need to make sure you have the latest software utilities. Start here:〈=en&cc=us&h_lang=en&h_cc=us&h_query=ml350

Use ADU & ACU to manage the process.


Dhanesh Amirthalingam
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Re: How to add HDD to ML350 using raid 1?

Hi dizaro ,

first let me know the ml350 generation ?

the controller should be supported ,if its supported you can create an another logical drive ,with the help of partition magic you can merge both the volume and do the expansion

and enjoy it...........