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How to boot os based on freebsd on dl160 ?

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How to boot os based on freebsd on dl160 ?

Hallo friends..


I'm trying to boot via dvd and usb drive with a system based on freebsd 10 but anything yet, I was trying to update the ILO firmware but to no avail

I can do already tried with legacy and UEFI ...

Jimmy Vance

Re: How to boot os based on freebsd on dl160 ?

A quick google search shows several posts in the FreeBSD forums that you need to disable x2apic

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Re: How to boot os based on freebsd on dl160 ?

OK after this config:


Processor x2APIC Support

Use this option to enable or disable x2APIC support. When enabled, processor x2APIC support helps operating systems run more efficiently on high core count configurations and optimizes interrupt distribution in virtualized environments. Enabled mode does not enable x2APIC hardware, but provides the support necessary to the operating system. Unless you are using an older hypervisor or operating system that is not compatible with x2APIC support, leave this option enabled.

To enable or disable Processor x2APIC Support:

From the System Utilities screen, select System Configuration → BIOS/Platform Configuration (RBSU) → System Options → Processor Options → Processor x2APIC Support and press Enter.

Select a setting and press Enter:

Enabled (default)—Generates the ACPI x2APIC control structures, and adds the option of enabling x2APIC support to the operating system when it loads.

Disabled—Disables x2APIC support.

Press F10 to save your selection.


the server is block in boot