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How to check if hardware RAID is configured

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Veasna YIM

How to check if hardware RAID is configured

Hello Everybody,

I have Server HP DL380 G5,

I used HP smart start to configure RAID 1 and RAID 5 and Loaded Windows Server 2008 R2 Retail Disk on to RAID 1..

This is my questions:

1-When Windows COmpleted to installed, and i went to Disk managment, i saw all Disk are "Basic". i heard that, RAID should be "Dynamic".. so i wonder that, i did configured RAID 1 and 5 with HP smart start but In Windows it was BASIC.


2-With this Model, Are the HDD are hot swap?


Best regards,

Jan Soska
Honored Contributor

Re: How to check if hardware RAID is configured


Basic under windows means it is not software raid in Windows. On hardware layer, it could be single disk or hardware raid.

To see yout internal storage hardware setup, install HP ACU in windows, it will provide you GUI to check and manager whole smararray controller and disk setup.


download page for your server and OS:


download and install:

HP ProLiant Array Configuration Utility for Windows 64-bit

or even newer software:

HP Smart Storage Administrator (HP SSA) for Windows 64-bit



Re: How to check if hardware RAID is configured

I manage such server. I confirm - you should installa HP ACU to view what is RAID configuration. But if you have many of simple basc disks - you DON'T HAVE raid installed. because when RAID is installed on all disks - you have only one big virtual disk in device manager.


Referring to question about disk - yes, DL380 G5 has got hot-pluggable all disks.

Veasna YIM

Re: How to check if hardware RAID is configured

Dear All,

Thanks for your helped about this!

I did installed it and i can see RAID level is configured on this model!


one more question,

When i opened "HP Array Configuration Utility (64-bit)" , i can choose two option, one is access through web interface and locally.

Regardking Web Interface, i was unable to access it witht the error:



This webpage is not available



Jan Soska
Honored Contributor

Re: How to check if hardware RAID is configured

I prefer to use ACU locally from server. Do you need manage it remotelly?