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How to clear NVRAM at ML 350 G5?

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How to clear NVRAM at ML 350 G5?

How to clear NVRAM at ML 350 G5?
Has found such variants:
1) To clear the NVRAM you have 2 options. You may have the option in the BIOS (F9 after the array controllers are detected). It will be under advanced options and say: Erase Non Volatile Memory. Be aware that if you have an O/S on the box, I recommend puling the hard drives while the server is down, then folow this procedure. After you clear it, boot the server as normal.

2) The other option is the "System Configuration Switch" on the system board. Once you find this (Use top panel from the server), you must power the server on with Switch #6 in the opposite position. Ater about 10 seconds, turn the server off and put the switch back, and that's it.

Has checked up the second, does not work. Who can prompt? Can eat features...

Pardons for my English... :)
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Re: How to clear NVRAM at ML 350 G5?

I got the same problem when I replaced me faulty PSU recently. I dont think its NVRAM I think its just a noisy PSU. I have ordered a replacement.

ernst limbrunner
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hi biacheslav


which problem do you want to solve?


because both methods to clear NVRAM usually do work very well.


so if you need help to solve a problem,

first let us understand your problem.









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Re: How to clear NVRAM at ML 350 G5?


To clear nvram, you need to enable switch 6 on the system maintenance switch fixed on the mother board. Once enabled, boot your server and you will show a message display confirm the nvram cleaned. The last step is disable switch 6 and boot the server.