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How to configure V-lans on the NC7781 Gigabit NIC

Joe Capaul
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How to configure V-lans on the NC7781 Gigabit NIC

I have a server with the NC7781 adapter.
Our network is configured with three v-lans.
DHCP on the server is answering requests with the wrong information for all three v-lans.
Do I need to configure the three v-lans into the adapter and bind DHCP to the first v-lan only?
The other v-lans have DHCP serviced from different servers.
Also what is promiscuous mode on this NIC?
Occasional Visitor

Re: How to configure V-lans on the NC7781 Gigabit NIC

In a situation where you have 3 networks and 1 DHCP server you usually have the router/switch that connects all the networks run "ip helper" which will insert some dhcp helper info into the DHCP packets. This lets the DHCP server know which network it should be using in the DHCP reply. It doesn't sound like you have a router in the mix so your situation is unique. You can't have 3 MS DHCP listening on 1 adapter for each instance...

As for promiscuous mode, that allows you to see all the traffic on the network that the network adapter sees. If you are on a switch port you will only see unicast packets and broadcast packets like ARP, and Microsoft broadcasts. If you turn on port SPANNING on the switch you can see all traffic on all the switch ports.