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How to disable Hyperthreading on ML350 G3

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How to disable Hyperthreading on ML350 G3

Ultimately I am trying to disable hyperthreading on an ML350 G3 ... read somewhere that it is RECOMMENDED to turn it off if running MS Virtual Server 2005, which we are doing.

I have not been able to figure out how to get into the BIOS. Anyone know what the magic trick is?

It's Proliant System BIOS - D14 (02/24/2004)

I've tried DEL, F10, F9, F2, F8, F12 ... hit al the F's from 1-12 in sequence during a bootup, hoping to hit the right one ... so far nothing.

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Re: How to disable Hyperthreading on ML350 G3

Semi-random button-mashing while the machine is booting does not do it for a Proliant. You must look at the screen, read the messages and press the correct key *when the machine says so*.

Generally, a typical Proliant startup follows this sequence:

- first, there is a memory test. It may be just increasing numbers, a bar at the top of the screen or a full-screen display, depending on server/BIOS version.

- then, the system displays some copyright messages and starts initializing integrated components one at a time. Usually iLO is first, then RAID and/or SCSI controllers (if any). The standard key for accessing iLO and SmartArray RAID setups is F8: you must press it when the component you wish to configure is initializing. There is usually a message on the screen saying "Press F8 to configure ..."

Non-RAID SCSI controllers and bootable NICs may display their own messages at this point. They may or may not use the standard F8 key. The correct keystroke is displayed on the screen.

- When all internal components have completed initialization, the screen is cleared and the system prints a few lines of text at the very top of the screen, describing which keys you can use at this point.
*This is the point where you can access the system BIOS.*
Normally the BIOS access key is F9. Depending on the server model, some other keys may be available at this point too.

"If all else fails, read the manual." Actually, read the manual first to save yourself some frustration.
Setup and Installation Guide for ML350 G3:

Appendix E, chapter "System Configuration Switch Settings" indicates DIP switch #2 is "Lock configuration". This might be worth checking if it looks like BIOS is totally inaccessible.

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Re: How to disable Hyperthreading on ML350 G3

Thank you for the user manual!!! I'm not at all against checking it out - if I can find it. Still getting used to HP's website as opposed to a certain other major hardware *cough* Dell *cough* website.