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How to enable SNMP traps on ProLiants on Linux?

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How to enable SNMP traps on ProLiants on Linux?

I've got HP SNMP agents and associated packages installed with NetSNMP. I can poll SNMP for status of the hardware (eg. status of Drive Arrays or CPUs) but for example when I disconnected a PSU from the system no trap was triggered. How do I turn on the traps?


SNMPD config is below:


#SNMP Daemon Configuration
#HP ProLiant DL360 G7 Servers

#Required for 64bit
dlmod cmaX /usr/lib64/

#Localtion & Contact Information
syslocation Santiago, Chile
syscontact Lukasz Piwowarek, Skype: lpiwowarek

#Community Definitions
#Community      Password        IPs (Single/Range/Subnet)
#Local Read-Write Access
rwcommunity     vERe9r4X
#Local Read Only
rocommunity     ye2efUhA
#VLAN621 Read Only
rocommunity     3adRabRu
#Trap Communities
trapcommunity   callmetraps
trapsink traps 162

#Map Community Names to SNMP Security Names
#       SecName Soruce  Community
com2sec rwlocal default vERe9r4X
com2sec rolocal default ye2efUhA
com2sec subnet  default 3adRabRu

#Map SecName to Group Name.
#Note that I mapped rolocal and subnet to the same group.
#This is because I want to the same read-only permissions
#for both communities.
#       Group   SNMP Ver        SecName
group   rwv1    v1              rwlocal
group   rov1    v1              rolocal
group   rov1    v1              subnet
#Same thing but to use v2c as well
group   rwv2c   v2c             rwlocal
group   rov2c   v2c             rolocal
group   rov2c   v2c             subnet

#Next create views to which given community has access
#Since we need to see everything lets just enable all
#Instead of incldued you can exclude specific values form being
#accessible. This is useful if you want to eliminated empty OIDs
#from SNMPWALK results.
#       Name    Included        Subtree Mask
view    all     included        .1

#Finally grant access to each group as needed:
#       Group   Context SNMP Ver        Sec Level       Prefix  Read    Write   NotIf
access  rwv1    ""      any             noauth          exact   all     all     none
access  rwv2c   ""      any             noauth          exact   all     all     none
access  rov1    ""      any             noauth          exact   all     none    none
access  rwv2c   ""      any             noauth          exact   all     none    none



Re: How to enable SNMP traps on ProLiants on Linux?

Hi there,


take a look at the following article for SNMP configuration






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Re: How to enable SNMP traps on ProLiants on Linux?

Has anyone tried this in Solaris?  I have the agents loaded and working and can get snmp requests, do not see traps going out.