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How to expand partition COMPAQ ProLiant 800 , Windows 2000 server

Fauzi Rashid
Occasional Visitor

How to expand partition COMPAQ ProLiant 800 , Windows 2000 server

I have a Compaq ProLiant 800, which is a Windows 2000 sql server (it's also a web server). It has 6 hard disks, each 3 are configured as RAID-5. The disks are formatted as C and D NTFS partitions. The C partition is where the OS is running. The D partition is used primarly for data. The C partition has only ~ 2 Gb of data. The D drive is much larger.

The problem is that the C partition is running out of space (has only 49 MB left). I am trying to expand the C drive.

I also installed a new hard disk. I formatted part of it as NTFS and called it "H" drive. I then installed "Partition Manager" software (by Paragon) on the "H" drive.

I tried to use "Partition Manager" to copy the D partition to the newly installed drive. That didn't work, because "Partition Manager" was complaining about the fact that the D drive is being used. It was asking me to end all application that are using the D drive.

Is there an easier way to expand the C drive. Can I use Compaq server utilities instead?

Steven Clementi
Honored Contributor

Re: How to expand partition COMPAQ ProLiant 800 , Windows 2000 server

There is no really easy way to expand/extend the C: drive.

The best way would be to backup the system, using Ghost or similar, wipe out the drives, reconfigure with a bigger C: drive and restore the image.

You probably need to shutdown SQL and IIS before you can move stuff off of D:, but that won't really help you any since it sounds like your D: drive may be a totally separate Logical Drive. If it isn't and your "C:" and "D:" are on the same Logical drive, you may be able to do something with 3rd party partition manager software, but you have to move off your data first.

What are the specs on the existing drives?

9GB? 18GB?

You have 6 drives? 1 Array with 2 logical drives? or 2 arrays with 1 logical drive each?

Can you capture screen shots of your acu and Windows Disk manager? and post?

Steven Clementi
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