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How to find SPP Version on ESX Server

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How to find SPP Version on ESX Server

Hello ! 

I know that finding SPP version is kind of tricky - I am not even sure if we would be able to find it - but have any of you folks been able to find out how to find the installed version ? (so that upgrade can be planned ? ) 

Something similar to looking at

Run->C:\CPQSYSTEM\log->In file cpqsetup.log->Search for HP Insight and in the   

Last search you will get name "HP Insight Diagnostics Online Edition for Windows"

The above stands true with systems with MS OS installed - but what if ESX is installed ??


I have been so far relying on the following >

HP system management Homepage -> Click on Software version /Version control -> Check HP Insight Management Agents version 


Is the above the only method to find the SPP version ? Or any file within the ESX OS which holds the information ? 


Re: How to find SPP Version on ESX Server

Hi grinningdevil,

ESX is developed by VMware for deploying and serving virtual computers. That means, SPP for virtal server will be same as dedicated servers.

For checking SPP version on the server you can always check my answer on a blog(How to check SPP version installed?).

For further queries you can always free fell to mail me at Private Info Erased.

Suyash Agarwal