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How to get the current CPLD version?

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How to get the current CPLD version?

We found two of our DL380 G6 systems subject to the random reboot bug listed at:


The reboots occured daily after we a) patched the first system b) rebuilt the 2nd system from scratch.  Prior to that, we aren't entirely certain.. the systems rebooted about once every two weeks but it might've been user initiated (part of the bug is that its very hard to tell what is going on).  We finally fixed it after not only doing a regular firmware update but updating the CPLD as well, which was at 96 and now is 9A.


The problem is that we have other DL380 G6 systems, some of which have been up and running over a year without reboots.  So either someone already updated them sometime in the past or they've just been lucky.  I need to be able to tell which one without having to go into BIOS.


Most of the systems are running Linux (RHEL), and ILO2.  ILO2 shows other firmware versions but not CPLD, and neither does dmidecode.  Is there a command that we can run?


Thank you!

Sirajul haque
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Re: How to get the current CPLD version?

Just a thought!


The document says "To confirm that the CPLD update was successful, perform the installation again. If the CPLD Update Utility indicates that CPLD Code Version 9A is currently installed, the installation was successful. "


So may be if you the update again, it might show you the version without rebooting server.



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Re: How to get the current CPLD version?

Sure, that means scheduling downtime regardless because once you run the update, you need to do the reboot... I"m trying to avoid having to schedule downtime on a system that may not need the update, just because I cannot tell which version its currently at.


I even checked their update script but I can't tell from there where it is reading the version from.   Just very disconcerting.