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How to identify which device ID is which NIC?

Chris Kelada
Occasional Contributor

How to identify which device ID is which NIC?

I am installing VMWARE ESX and want to implement a standardised network confiugration accross multiple servers. For example, i would like NIC Port 1 to be configured on vlan 100, NIC Port 2 & 3 on vlan 200, and NIC Port 4 on vlan 300.

During the installation, I can select which NIC i want to assign network address details for, however the adapters are listed with the device ID, for example "2:2:0 - tg3 - NetXtreme BCM5704 Gigabit Ethernet". Does anyone know how to tell which device corresponds to which physical NIC Port on the server??

I have looked at the ILO interfacce and it simply lists the NIC ports by MAC address. There is no information that ties the device ID to the Physical port.

Any help would be appreciated.