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How to login to new HP proliant DL360

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How to login to new HP proliant DL360

we have new HP proliant DL360 G6 with no monitor or keyboard. I want to login to the system but unable to login. Will you please provide me help / procedure how to login and do my installation.

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rick jones
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Re: How to login to new HP proliant DL360

I believe there will be an information tab on the chassis somewhere which will give what the iLO will use as its default name. It will also have the password for the iLO Administrator account. If your network has DHCP integrated with DDNS then in theory you should be able to point your web browser at that name, login to the iLO and launch the remote console.

If there is DHCP but no DDNS, then you would want to extract the iLO's MAC address (I'm going from memory but think it is encoded/written on the information tab somewhere) and use that to search the DHCP server's logs.

Or, if the MAC isn't there, and/or you don't have DHCP on your network, you could connect the iLO directly to a laptop and either just sniff that link to get the MAC and/or put a DHCP server on the laptop to feed the iLO and IP for long enough for you to login and configure it with a static IP suitable for your network.
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