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How to make POST interactive?


How to make POST interactive?

Is there way to select something like a mode where it will wait for the user input for things such as iLO (F8), ORCA (F5/F8) etc and not move until the user has entered the key to enter the individual BIOS or continue with the rest of the POST. This would be great because I keep getting past the important point (such as ORCA) and to reboot the system again and again (the curse of multitasking).

Johan Guldmyr
Honored Contributor

Re: How to make POST interactive?



it it still possible to use the PAUSE|BREAK button to pause the POST?

Maybe you could use that to go forward in small steps.

Jimmy Vance

Re: How to make POST interactive?

Look into using the scripting toolkit to automate your ProLiant configurations tasks



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