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How to "undo" LSI Raid-1 setup?

Ben Conrad
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How to "undo" LSI Raid-1 setup?


I've got a new ML300 G3 with the latest bios and PSP installed. I'm not very happy with the performance of the LSI RAID-1 that I have setup. I'm having issues documented in

It seems that the LSI controller uses a driver to perform the raid fuctionality. If that is the case I would rather have the OS perform that function instead. Is there a supported (or safe) way to tell the LSI bios to not use the LSI RAID driver? I'd like to keep my current OS install and just switch to the Win2003 OS mirroring.

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Re: How to "undo" LSI Raid-1 setup?

Trouble is, even if you create a RAID0 instead of the RAID1, you still are running on the card's BIOS. We have connected 3 drives, a RAID1 and a RAID0. Same performance. And with the onboard IDE suspect to support full IDE hard drive support, we would suggest that all of you that have issues with the problem to replace add a controller card to the systems. If you do not want the RAID, a good IDE ATA133 card is cheap. As for RAID, we suggest the Adaptec line of RAID cards with onboard processors and memory.
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