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How to remove a adapter with HPACUCLI


How to remove a adapter with HPACUCLI



I had to replace an existing HP FC card with a new one. The acu seems to remember all the connected adapters even ones that are no longer connected or are off-line. Is there a command that can delete removed adapters or filter them from view?





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Re: How to remove a adapter with HPACUCLI

Which operating system are you running?



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Re: How to remove a adapter with HPACUCLI

I know this is a year old - but as I've found the answer I thought I'd include it.


The reason the adapter stayed visible in my config was that ssp was enabled.


run hpacucli to get to the prompt and then set the target to be the controller you want to change


ctrl all show


set target ctrl csn=[CSN]


show ssp  - shows all the adapters and the logical drives that are masked/unmasked on each adapter, along with the connectionnames and the hostmode (take a note all these).


modify ai=[WWN] connectionname="NAME" to change the connection name of the new adapter to match the old one

modify ai=[WWN] hostmode="MODE" to change the host mode of the new adapter to match the old one


modify ssp=off forced - will then take all the mask/unmask settings from all the logical drives.

modify ssp=on forced - turns the ssp back on, but puts all logical drives as masked.


ld 1 modify unmask=all - lets all adapters see logical drive 1

ld 1 modify unmask=[WWN], [WWN] - lets specific adapters see logical drive 1


The old adapter should no longer be visible and the ssp config should match the old config but on the new adapter.


Hope this helps other people searching for this.


NOTE - make sure you are not running applications on the shared storage when you change the ssp as the applications will be denied access when it is initially turned back on.


As for the comment below about which OS - I'm surprised they didn't ask if you were running the latest patches as well :-)


Re: How to remove a adapter with HPACUCLI



Gosh this is an old post.


I suspect that forcing SSP off on all LDs will remove their current masks. It would be ideal if it managed to remember them. I have 36 LDs I'd have to reset.


   Adapter ID:        10000000C959EA9D
      connectionname: Removed FC card
      Location:       Remote
      Status:         Offline
      Host Mode:      Linux

 I have simply renamed the connectionname as above for now. If I could capture the adapter's SSP config, that might be useful.


Thanks for the reply though. If I can find the time, I'll attempt to log the current SSP setting, force it off, remove the adapter and reset them SSO config. Having said that, I wuld ideally like to retire the MSA 1500 it on and use a 64bit disk controller.