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How to replace HDD in RAID1? (ML110 G5 and G4)

Peter Marko - LLC
Occasional Visitor

How to replace HDD in RAID1? (ML110 G5 and G4)

Hi, currently i have 2 working servers with RAID1 HDD configuration. But for security reasons, i need to replace one of disk by another, new one (i think this procedure is identical for G4 and G5). My question is - how to do it? I cant find any manual about this on HP site (or simply any manual how to replaced failed HDD in RAID1 - my case is different just in fact, that old HDD will not be trashed...). I mainly need to know if this could be done without turning server off (but it is not necessary), exact steps which should I perform, when are disk rebuilded (automatically? On reboot? ...) and how to "tell" to RAID controller which disk is source and which is new one (or it will automatically recognise new one?). Thanks.

PS: disks are connected to standard SATA ports and controlled by standard controller in ML110 G5 and G4
Miroslav Kos

Re: How to replace HDD in RAID1? (ML110 G5 and G4)

Disks are Non-hot-plug, that means that you must turn-off your server. No sure how to rebuild but, you can try to remove one HDD and then power up the server. Then shutdown the server and install the new hdd. After powering server up everything should work OK! Be sure that new HDD is not partitioned.