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How to resolve hardware issues in DL servers.


How to resolve hardware issues in DL servers.

Hi guys,

Ok, so my problem is with my system center operations manager.

I downloaded the Hp proliant management pack (a great product to view my servers health), and some server are reporting on a critical problem with management processors, or newtork card not plugged (and yes i know that already because i need only one nic, not two).

The servers are updated with the latest firmware update, and support pack versions, but for some reason, after refreshing the health explorer in operations manager, i can see that the state is changing to be healthy again, but after a couple of hours (somtimes even minutes), it changes back to warning/critical.

I know that i can solve this issue, by going to the control panel, double clicking on the available agnets, and the choosing the agent "remote insight manager" and moving it to the uninstalled agents.

My question is, how can i monitor my hardware maulfunctions after i do that, and beside, i don't think that disabling an angent is the answer...and that's my freinds is the reason why i need you in this situation.

Hope to hear from you soon, and together to try to resolve this issue.

Best regards,
Nahum Eliash


I attached an example of one of my servers.
what is realtime monoitors?
Ken Henault
Honored Contributor

Re: How to resolve hardware issues in DL servers.

Browse to the systems Management Homepage at https://servername:2381 and review what items are marked as degraded. It's likely that the failed component is still flagged in the Itegrated Managfement Log. When you clear these items in the IML, the error will go away.

Also, if you disable any unused NICs in the OS, those errors will go away too.
Ken Henault
Infrastructure Architect

Re: How to resolve hardware issues in DL servers.

Hi ken,

I checked the IML log, and it is cleared, nothing in it.

I added you a screen shor from my opsmgr2007, and the hp system management homepage, i hope it'll help.

You can see in the screen shot that i checked the ignore status from the management processor, but i guess it's not doing the job, or maybe i need to disable something else?

Thanks again,