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Re: How to set PXE boot with RBSU on bl280?

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How to set PXE boot with RBSU on bl280?

I want to enable PXE on my bl280 and can't figure out how. If I SHOW IPL, I see 4 devices, none of which are PXE. If I say HELP SET IPL it implies that I could so a SET IPL PXE 1, but that command tells me I have an invalid parameter.

The manual tells me I can only set something listed in the SHOW IPL list! So the question them becomes how do I add PXE to the IPL list.

I also tried to fiddle around with BOOT which only shows my SATA controller so I then looked at my pci with SHOW PCI but that gives me a syntax error.

Does anyone have a magic decoder ring for all this?
David Claypool
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Re: How to set PXE boot with RBSU on bl280?

I'm assuming you're in the CLI mode of RBSU? I don't have a system at hand to check, but my thought is that you have disabled PXE on the NIC itself, and that's why it's not an option on the IPL list. You need to enabled PXE ability in the NIC first and then you can use IPL to adjust the boot order.

Use the command 'SHOW CONFIG SCRIPT' to capture all of the commands for the current config and look at those involving the NIC.