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How to set up SNMP with PSP 7.60 on a ProLiant ML530 G1

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How to set up SNMP with PSP 7.60 on a ProLiant ML530 G1


I have closed a previous thread (Subject: Unable to make proper use of "hpasm-7.6.0-111.sles9.i586.rpm" on ML530-G1) because I have tried to solve my problem with another approach.

Instead of trying to manually install e.g. hpasm I have used the install-script and with it I have installed the complete package "psp-7.60.sles9.linux.en.tar.gz" (the existing hpasm installation was deleted before installing PSP).

I can now use a browser from a remote windows desktop PC (on the same private network) to access the "System Management Homepage" (v2.1.6.156) via typing "" in the browser window.

Under "settings -> SNMP Webagent ->SNMP Configuration" I simply see the actual content of the file snmpd.conf (which is on the ML530):

# Following entries were added by HP Insight Management Agents at
# Wed Apr 21 19:25:07 CEST 2010
dlmod cmaX /usr/lib/
rwcommunity WGi6GC5tCROB
rocommunity public
syscontact Sysadmin (root@localhost)
syslocation Server Room

# ---------------------- END --------------------

I have the impression that this is not sufficient because some other parts like "trapsink" are missing completely.

If I search under 'System Management Homepage --> Help' I find something which looks very different (much more detailed) from my actual view at "settings -> SNMP Webagent ->SNMP Configuration" (on my system I only see 3 items: 1. Config file, 2. SNMP Run Level Script Status, 3. SNMP Test Trap Button)
The Test Trap Button has no effect when clicked.

What could be missing in file snmpd.conf to enable traps and the other features? (Might be someone has an example file from a similar system)


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Re: How to set up SNMP with PSP 7.60 on a ProLiant ML530 G1

UPDATE to what I wrote in my previous post:

When I issue the command (at the linux root prompt):

snmpd -H

I get a lengthy output starting with:

No log handling enabled - turning on stderr logging

cmaX: bind() failed: Address already in use (errno=98)

What might be wrong here with regard to my problem described in my original post?